The Company has been founded by Ms Katja Kapanen, FM, MBA, PhD Candidate, for the purpose of building a Virtual Platform for collecting, analysing and sharing data with the use of unmanned aerial systems. I believe that the data and how it is used is the key to the better future. Today we can analyse the trees, which should be cut before they hurt someone, we can analyse the trees in the crossings and lanes, and make calculations about which trees to cut to make sure that traffic is not shut down because of the trees and we can also analyse the accumulation, direction and capacity of water flows. All are things which can have serious consequences if they are not considered beforehand.

The development of aerial systems and sensors is still on-going and capable systems for demanding tasks are difficult to find. Either the payload is not enough for the sensor or the flight time is not enough for the task. These are the challenges I have been working on since being one of the founder behind the UAS Centre Finland. Main reference is organising the Drone flight over the Baltic Sea on August, 2016. Within this task the procedures in Finland and in Estonia became familiar. Since then development on the area has been fast. I have been invited to the Round Table discussions lead by Minister of Transport and Communications, Ms Anne Berner, and I have got one initiative thought the decision making process concerning the smoother reservation of restricted airspace for UAS operations from eight weeks to two days. Our Ministry together with Transport Safety Agency have really done their best for trying to make the barriers as low as possible for UAS related businesses.

I have a long working background with regional airports and their development. On my current PhD project for the University of Westminster in London, I study the diversification in ownership and management structures, possible business models for Finnish regional airports and factors influencing to the economic impact of regional airports. My supervisor, Dr Anne Graham, is the recognised researcher on airport economics, management and regulation and also on tourism and aviation demand analysis. My hypothesis is that our underused regional airports can have future prospects.

Recently I have been taking steps towards the Airport Security issues and can offer consultancy together with the security specialists used also by IATA and ICAO.

Since I have been searching for the plots to make UAS testing, I have discovered the world of property development. I have a wide network of property development specialists offering plots, properties, and funding for property development objects in Finland and abroad.
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Today, after facing the Covid-19 pandemic, we are having difficult times in many areas of life. Restrictions in travelling and moving in general has made our lives unusual. We are meeting threat, in which we can not say, how it will affect to our lifes. Let´s keep ourselfs and our families safe!